Leadership and Staff

Administrative Team

Pamela Sessions
Chief Executive Officer
psessions@renewalhouse.org, ext. 108

Lisbeth Couser
Director of Development and Marketing
lcouser@renewalhouse.org, ext. 106

Kim Haley
Operations Manager
khaley@renewalhouse.org, ext. 105

Julia Howley, MPP
Director of Operations 
jhowley@renewalhouse.org, ext. 111

Paula Jennings
Grants Manager
pjennings@renewalhouse.org, ext. 122


Program Team

Savak Millis, LPC-MHSP
Director of Programs
smillis@renewalhouse.org, ext. 103

Admissions and Consulting
Leslie Schenk, MA, LPC
DCS Coordinator
lschenk@renewalhouse.org, (615) 483-0962 

Stephanie Hectorne
Admissions Coordinator/Case Manager
shectorne@renewalhouse.org, ext.114


Children's Program

Claire Burke
Children's Case Manager
cburke@renewalhouse.org, ext. 126

Brianna White, M.Ed., NCC 
Children's Program Case Manager
bwhite@renewalhouse.org, ext. 133


Women's Services

Tamika Clarke
Program Assistant
tclarke@renewalhouse.org, ext. 102

Tammy Cooper
Program Assistant
tcooper@renewalhouse.org, ext. 102

Erika Cordle, MSW
Case Manager
ecordle@renewalhouse.org, ext. 139

Beverly Cummins
Program Assistant
bcummins@renewalhouse.org, ext. 102

Erica Davenport
IOP Case Manager
edavenport@renewalhouse.org, ext. 116

Gail Gibson ST John, MSW
Case Manager
ggibson@renewalhouse.org, ext. 101

Valerie Hardison
Career Coach
vharidson@renewalhouse.org, ext. 109

Oreatha Patton
Program Assistant
opatton@renewalhouse.org, ext. 102

Cynthia Person
Van Driver
cperson@renewalhouse.org, ext. 102

Scharnita Walden
Program Office Assistant
swalden@renewalhouse.org, ext. 102