Renewal Giving Society

Renewal Giving Society


Rejoice Society

Donna Barber
Michael Hanley
Ken and Lynn Melkus
James and Susan Myers


Reimagine Society

Judith Andrews
Alison K. Bergeson
David and Rebecca Klements

Patricia Meadows


Renew Society

Frank Andrews
Ben and Dru Bredesen
Terrell and Byrettia Broady
Everett and Katheryne Cowan
Scott Haynes
Jim Johnson and Catherine Stutzner
Ken and Bev Leiser
Natasha Metcalf
Don and Linda Norman
Sadie Rosson and Nancy Menke


Rebuild Society

Sen. Lamar and Honey Alexander
Adrienne Ames
Susan Barber
Harlan Dodson and Margaret Behm
Ed Brown
Gary and Lynn Carden
John and Nancy Church

Cameron Clements
Al Cocke and Juliet Griffin

Micah and Erin Coleman
Colleen Conway-Welch
Patsy Cottrell
Barbara Engelhardt and Justin Wilson
John and Carole Ferguson
Gerard Geraghty
Randall and Janice Gibson
Heather Leigh Hill
Dean Shumate and Lela Hollabaugh
Sean and Candice Kirk
Neil and Louise Kohler
William and Myleen Kottas
Carl Hopper and Bonnie Manson
Viola P. Miller
Tera Rica Murdock
Amanda Nichols
Cynthia Owsley
Robert and Mollie Perry
Robert and Jill Pullen

Lissa Renk
Jeff and Theresa Sexton

Mike and Lisa Shmerling
Philip Strassburger

LoLita Toney
Donato Tramuto
Mary Walker
Marian F. Harrison and Anne B. Wallace
Kay Wallen
Patrick and Emily Walsh
Karl Warden
Donald and Julie Williamson
Valerie Wilson
Stephen and Mandy Young
Megan Zarling


Restore Society

Martin Akin
Ronald and Denise Alvarez
John Aron
Sam and Jessica Averbuch
David and Susan Berck
Michael and Christine Bradley

Marcya Carter
Will Cheek
Joe Chester
Lindsey Conner
Glynn and Brenda Dowdle
Marilyn Dubree
Shelley Duryee
Mary S. Flipse and Todd Dirksen
Cynthia Frank

Scott Garfinkel
Gregg and Elizabeth Gerken
Abby Goff

Jeff Gould
Roland and Diane Gray
Robbie Hayes
Barbara and John Holmes
Kevin James
Brian and Kim Lapidus
Nancy MacLean
Peter and Barbara Martin
Larry and Elizabeth Papel
Christopher and Carole Parker
Doug Meech and Celeste Patterson

Allen and Cheryl Patton
Matt and Kates Potempa
Art and Linda Rebrovick
Fred Ripley
Chris Rogers
Carolyn Schneider

Pamela Sessions
Paul Gosine and Gail Sims
Jim and Angela Snell

James and Leah Sohr
Anderson and Sue Spickard
Elizabeth B. Stadler

Steve Tyalor
Mike and Molly Upchurch
Michael and Stephanie Wigger
Christine Modisher and Marsha Williams
Heather Wright

Brad and Jennie Zagnoev
Robert and Tracy Zimmerman
Nancy Zoretic


Recharge Society

Brent and Mari Alexander
Patricia F. Allen
Melanie Ball
Louise Beasley
Melvin and Ann Black

Michael Brody-Waite
Faye Brown
Kimyatta Brown
Phil Byerly
Scott Peterson and Loren Chumley
Janice Clements
Lee Dietz
Sonya Dobbs

Hugh and Nancy Entrekin
Richard Eskind
Tracy Fishbein

Randy and Ann Fullerton
Richard and Paula Gaines
Harris and Danielle Gilbert

Charlesetta Gillis
Gayle Goodall
Jana Hampton
R.T. Williams and Sandra Heer

Drew and Risa Herzog
Jeff and Jennifer Hoffman
William and Barbara Hoffman
Don Holmes
Joe Myers and Shelley Johnson
Tabatha Jones
Woodrow and Shelia Jones
Lynda Jones
Gary and Elizabeth Keltner
Don and April Kendall
Pam King

Jackson Lefler
Midori Lockett
Shana G. MacKler
Philip and Margaret Martin
Ken and Jan-Nee Mathis
James and Katherine McElroy
Bruce and Kathy Nelson
William and Sallie Norton
John and Maureen O'Hara
David Osborn
Joyce Peacock
Anne Pope

Dulce Quintero-Yepez
Steve and Laura Riley
Kevin and Paige Roddey

Shoshana Samuels
Lynn Schultz
Eddie and Joanne Schwartz
Ted Westmoreland and Victoria Shepard
Jim and Lori Shulman
Stephen Bryant and Marcie Smeck-Bryant
Debora Smith
Julia St. Clair
Joanie Tanner
Bill and Debi Tate
Stephanie Townsend
Jim and Jane White
Erin Zagnoev



$10,000+ Rejoice Society
$5,000 - $9,999 Reimagine Society
$2,500 - $4,999 Renew Society
$1,000 - $2,499 Rebuild Society
$500 - $999 Restore Society
$250 - $499 Recharge Society


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