Our Stories

Investing in Renewal House helps keep families together. 



When my mom went to Renewal House,

I was proud of her.

She started to care more about

our lives than her own.

She became an adult, got a job

and got involved with my school.

We have a good relationship now.

I wouldn’t have that if

not for Renewal House.

Shavonda | Age 35
Grant Writer

Mother | Darlene
Program Graduate 2000





My mother was addicted to painkillers.

She didn’t know how to

love herself more than the pills.

I was 3 months old when we moved into Renewal House.

I was 17 months old when my mother graduated.

That’s where she learned 

to love herself, her life and me.

Precious | Age 16
High School Sophomore

Mother | Shirely
Program Graduate 2002





My mother had struggles and made mistakes.

Renewal House opened her eyes.

That led to a better life for me growing up.

And led her down the path to progression instead of regression.

If my mom hadn’t been at Renewal House,

my path would have been dark.

Because you’re only inspired to be what you’re surrounded by as a kid.

I wanted to give back and be like the people who helped us out of the rut.

I joined the Navy and trained to be a combat medical marine.

When I transition to civilian life,

I plan to be an EMT or get a degree in nursing.

Renewal House saved me, because they saved my mom.

Jacob | Age 19
Navy Medic

Mother | Kathy
Program Graduate 2000