The Big Payback

Renewal House is looking for groups of volunteers to adopt volunteer projects during The Big Payback on Wednesday, May 3 from 9am – 1pm!

Interested? Contact Caitlin O'Leary at or (615) 255-5222 x120.


Pressure Washing & Cleaning the Renewal House Playground (10 Volunteers) PROJECT ADOPTED!!!
Renewal House is looking for a group of volunteers to help pressure wash and clean the playground. As the warmer weather quickly approaches, our children will be on the playground more and more! Our playground could use some extra love and attention from a special group of volunteers! 
Supplies Needed: Cleaning Supplies

Renewal House Spring/Summer Landscaping (5-7 Volunteers)  PROJECT ADOPTED!!!
Spring has arrived at Renewal House! We are looking for a group of volunteers to plant flowers and help with basic landscaping (remove winter plants – replace with new flowers); In addition, landscaping and flowers around the Renewal House sign.
Supplies Needed: Summer Flowers (Impatiens), Gardening Tools

Renewal House Spring Clean-Up (6-8 Volunteers)
Spring is in the air! Renewal House is looking for a group of energetic volunteers to help with campus beautification efforts on May 3! As the cold months come to an end, we have some basic outdoor spring cleaning to prepare our campus for the spring and summer months.
Supplies Needed: Trash Bags, Gloves

Flip an Apartment for a Renewal House Family! (5-7 Volunteers)
Help us prepare an apartment for one of our new Renewal House families! This could include basic cleaning, painting, moving items, etc. 
Supplies Needed: TBD (Depends on the Apartment) 

Replace the Patio Outdoor Fan (2-3 Volunteers)
Renewal House is in need of a small group or dynamic duo to replace the patio outdoor fan. As the summer months approach, we want to make sure our families have a way to stay cool by the playground! *(Must know how to install an outdoor fan)! 
Supplies Needed: Outdoor Fan, Tools

Deep Cleaning Opportunity: Community Kitchen (3-4 Volunteers)
Renewal House is in need of a small group to help deep clean one of our community kitchens used by program participants. This is the perfect project for a small group of 3-4 people who are looking for an indoor project and love to clean! 
Supplies Needed: Cleaning Supplies


STEP 2: CONTACT CAITLIN O'LEARY or (615) 255-5222 x120 to confirm your participation and/or with questions! 

Check-in will begin at 8:15am, with a brief orientation at 8:45am; Projects will begin at 9am
Groups will adopt (sponsor) projects: groups will supply the necessary items to carry out their adopted project
Groups will assign a Project Leader; Project Leaders must attend a training/site visit by April 7th
Final Supply List will be confirmed during site visit (Necessary supplies will be confirmed by Renewal House)